科罗拉多理工大学 welcomes transfer students from all walks of life—your personal experiences 和 unique academic journeys help form the fabric of our diverse educational community. 以及你目前是否在其他学校就读,正在考虑转校, 或者你已经有一段时间没有上大学了, we underst和 that re搜索ing 和 navigating university transfer requirements may sometimes feel a bit overwhelming—but we’re here to help. 我们的 转学生常见问题大学学分转换指南 旨在为转学生的录取过程提供有用的信息, while CTU 招生 Advisors are ready to help you make sense of transfer student requirements 和 answer any other admissions-related questions you may have, 包括如何提交正式的大学成绩单, 如何转入大学学分,1 以及如何了解更多关于潜在经济援助的信息2 转学生.


  1. 联系招生 请求的信息 或致电1-855-230-0555.

  2. 马上申请 免费申请.

  3. 提交所需文件. 因立博体育而异,具体要求见下文




在科罗拉多理工大学, 没有坐, 没有考试, 没有GRE考试, 或其他标准化评估作为录取过程的一部分. 但是,高中毕业证明(i.e.高中毕业证书和成绩单)或高中同等学历(i.e., GED) must be submitted to CTU for evaluation before the first day of the second quarter or term in the program of study. Transfer students are also required to submit official college transcripts in order to have previous college-level courses evaluated for transfer credit.1


学生 must submit official college transcripts verifying completion of an accredited baccalaureate degree program. Official graduate transcripts must also be submitted in order to have transfer students’ previous graduate-level courses evaluated for transfer credit. Transfer credit at the master’s level may be permitted at the discretion of the Academic Affairs 和 Prior Learning Assessment Departments. Transfer credit at the doctoral level may be applied to the program at the discretion of the appropriate senior academic official.1 博士课程候选人必须获得3分.0对4.他们的硕士课程的平均绩点为0,还必须提交简历和论文.


Official transcripts verifying completion of an accredited master’s degree program in a discipline related to the CTU doctoral program concentration for which admission is sought must be submitted in addition to any doctoral course transcripts.


Applicants must submit official transcripts verifying completion of an accredited Master of Science in 护理 degree program.

看到 大学目录 欲知详情.


An official transcript is one that has been received at 科罗拉多理工大学 directly from your college or university. 它必须有你学校的印章, 日期, 登记员签字后,用密封的信封送到CTU. 更多信息请联系学校的注册主任.

在收到正式文件和成绩单后, college-level course work from accredited colleges or universities is evaluated for transfer credit by a Prior Learning Assessment Evaluator. 根据转学院校的定义,属于补课的课程不授予转学学分, 或相当于CTU教授的补习课程. 提交评估的成绩单和记录将成为学生永久记录的一部分. 学生 wishing to determine the receipt status of official transcripts may contact the Registrar’s Office for additional information.

We underst和 that it may take significant time to receive transcripts requested from other colleges 和 universities. 请尽早开始索取成绩单的过程.

If you begin an undergraduate degree program pending the receipt of an official college or university transcript(s), you have until the end of the first quarter or you may be prohibited from further attendance in your degree program, 这反过来又会导致年级水平的变化.

科罗拉多理工大学 offers graduate students the opportunity to be conditionally admitted pending receipt of their official transcript verifying completion of an accredited master's degree. 学生 will have up to the first day of the second quarter or term in the program of study to provide the required documentation. 经注册主任办公室批准,可以延期. 在收到并审查正式成绩单后,核实已完成认可的硕士学位, 学生可以正式被大学录取为普通学生. 学生 who are conditionally admitted will incur tuition 和 fee charges 和 are financially responsible for all costs of attending the University.

  • 正式的大学和军队成绩单是按课程进行评估的.
  • 只能选C或2分的课程.平均绩点0分或以上(本科),或“B”级或3分.0或更高的GPA(研究生/博士)将有资格转学分. 不及格的课程不会获得转学分, 撤销, 或者没有达到转学学分标准.
  • 只有大学水平和专上立博体育才有资格获得转学分. CTU不接受继续教育学分作为转学分, 但是,它们可能被接受为专业培训/认证学分. 先前学习评估评估员可以告诉你更多.
  • 任何立博体育都不允许重复转学.
  • Transfer credit may not be applied for specific courses found in programs with programmatic accreditation or affiliation.

Transfer credit must be applied one session before a student’s course is scheduled in order to exempt the student from taking the course.

  • 学生必须完成CTU本科立博体育总学分的至少25%.
  • 学生必须完成CTU硕士立博体育总学分的至少25%. 请咨询CTU研究生项目,了解实习要求.
  • 学生必须完成至少总学分的25%的博士立博体育在CTU. 所有核心课程和集中课程都可以转学, 但是所有的研究和写作课程都必须在CTU完成. 请与CTU研究生项目联系,了解例外情况.
  • 学生 transferring to CTU under established articulation agreements may transfer in a maximum of 75% of the required program credits in associate or bachelor’s degree programs.


Transfer students may be able to save even more time 和 money by taking advantage of other CTU credit programs that offer the opportunity to earn college credit for life 和 工作经验. CTU快速通道 考试,* 体验式学习组合 (elp), 军事经验, 工作经验, 和 other relevant life experience may qualify you to earn credit toward your chosen degree program—on top of the college credits you may be able to transfer-in from other accredited post-secondary institutions.1


In addition to the cost savings student transfers could realize through the types of qualifying work 和 life experience listed above, 科罗拉多技术大学提供各种机构助学金和奖学金.(2)我们建议立博体育的财务援助顾问——但首先,看看CTU的 金融援助 页面, which can provide further detail about these 和 other sources of 金融援助 as well as connect you with h和y resources, 比如净价计算器和学费 & 毕业日期计算器.

1 转移学分是根据个人情况评估的. 并非所有学分都可以转换. 转学分政策见大学目录.
2 符合条件的学生可以获得经济援助. University grants or scholarships are based on established criteria as published in the 大学目录 和 are awarded after verification that the conditions of eligibility have been met.

*The ability to reduce time in school 和/or reduce tuition towards the full cost of a degree program depends on the number of CTU快速通道 顺利通过考试. 快速通道课程学分不可转让. 并不是所有的项目都有资格在时间和金钱上减少30%. 符合条件的课程可能会有所变化. 学生在做出入学决定时不应依赖潜在的快速通道储蓄或资格.